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Sun Drenched

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Today was a good day. It was the kind of simple, good day that is almost too beautiful to tell. It was a Norman Rockwell kind of good day. I’m almost afraid to try to describe it for fear I’ll wake up and realize it wasn’t true. I’m going to put it down in words and you will read it and say “so what’s the big deal?” But it was the kind of day that lives are lived for. It was the kind of day that I hope to remember when I am 83 and alone and remembering my life.

We woke up, and Julie was playing happily with her Legos, not whining as she sometimes does first thing in the morning. I wasn’t as exhausted as I sometimes am when it’s time to get up. I got up, changed diapers, took the girls down for breakfast and let Joe sleep an extra hour – the way he did for me last weekend. We took our time, I read the paper, Julie sat next to me chatting and Sophie sat on my lap wiggling and making little noises.

Joe came down and ate his breakfast while Julie played, I took a shower and Sophie took her little morning cat-nap. Joe went off to play disc golf with a buddy, and the girls and I went outside to play in the backyard. Julie immediately started bathing in the sandbox, and was covered from head to toe in superfine sand stuck to her sunscreen and in her hair. But it was a good day and I was able to just laugh at her. I dug out the wading pool and inflated it with Sophie in the sling in her floppy little white sun hat.

I dug out the hose and hooked it up and started to fill it till the neighbors across the street with the two older boys – 6 and 9 – invited us to come over and play in their yard with their wading pool that they had filled earlier in the morning, so it was already sun-warmed. Today was the mid-80s kind of day that is hot enough for the air conditioning to feel great, but sitting in a chair in the shade with the breeze blowing felt fine too.

Julie and I had quick sandwiches for lunch, then headed over to play with the big kids. There were seven kids all together, all from our little neighborhood. They had a wading pool and a Slip-N-Slide and water guns and popsicles. Even though Julie was by far the youngest kid, she had a great time wading and splashing. The others enjoyed taking turns on her floatie ring, and they showed her how to squirt the water guns. She had her first popsicle today – a green one – and she ate it like a pro.

I sat in the shade with the other moms, drinking fizzy waters and then a beer, watching the kids, moderating the sharing and squirting or not squirting of people in and out of the pool, chatting about what’s for dinner, gardening, book clubs, miscellany. Sophie slept on my lap, woke up and nursed, went back to sleep after looking around and wiggling for a bit. Eventually, it was time to clean up and head back across the street. I grilled some chicken and made a salad while Joe watched the girls. Julie got a bath, and I managed to get most of the sand out of her hair before bedtime.

Sophie fell asleep and let me do a little knitting, and now I am typing this before heading to bed. It’s a simple kind of magic I experienced today. It was a day without much whining or complaint – somewhat rare in the life of an almost-3 year old. It was a day of only good things. Nobody got hurt, nobody cried, nobody yelled angrily, and nobody had to be punished. We were relaxed and happy. Today is the day I want to remember when I think about being a mom to two little girls.

My Girls

Saturday, May 27th, 2006

This is an entry that I wrote on May 26th, but didn’t feel like I was done with it when I got called away from the computer. Very typical of my blogging attempts lately, I’m afraid. Looking at it now (with a semi-awake Sophie on my lap), it seems complete enough to me to go ahead and publish – better than the nothing you’ve been getting the last couple of weeks. Joe has promised me some blogging time tonight, so hopefully I’ll have some fresh new material for you sneaky readers by tomorrow.

Sophie seems to have decided that maybe evenings are not for sleeping after all, so I have had fewer chances to sit down at the computer and type this week. I haven’t had any time to play with my yarn, either and it’s a bummer. But it’s hard to be too upset about it when you’ve got a baby staring at you with her gummy, drooly grin and just waiting for you to make eye contact so she can giggle with you. Joe’s giving me a little break for a few minutes now.

I keep looking at my girls and wondering how they’ve managed to change so much since the last time I looked, so I figure it’s time to write a little post about who they are right now. Let’s start with Julie.

Julie just had her last day of ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education – sort of a pre-preschool program once a week) for the spring on Tuesday, so I took a few pictures. She loves doing the art projects they always have set up.

Over the course of the school year, she’s made a lot of progress from just playing independently and mostly ignoring the other kids to actually playing with them, talking to them, singing the songs with the group, and generally making friends.

She loved her teachers and never seemed to have any trouble with saying goodbye to me when it was time for the moms and dads to go have our own discussion in the room down the hall.

Julie seems to be slimming down a bit, losing some of her baby chub. Her hair is getting longer again, and she asks me to braid it some days. I oblige when she’s willing to stand still and Sophie is not too restless.

We’ve been outside a lot now that the weather is warm and the sun is out. Julie can’t get enough of her sand box, and she loves blowing bubbles and drawing with the sidewalk chalk. She talks all day about meeting the elementary school kids as they get off the bus in the afternoon – the bus stop happens to be in our front yard, and they are very nice to her, usually stopping for a few minutes to talk and play with her.

We’ve been walking to the neighborhood parks several days a week as well, and she surprised me this spring by suddenly being able to climb up parts of the play structure that we didn’t go near last summer. Rope ladders and regular ladders, she can get up them so quickly that I have to chase after her like a shadow in order to be there in time to spot her just in case. She’s not yet 3, and even though she’s done them many times now, I know her judgement of what’s safe and her coordination are still pretty sketchy.

There are days when Julie drives me insane with the whining. Days when I just don’t know how to respond when she never stops whining about one random, uncontrollable thing after another. Things like “I don’t want to take a nap!” when no mention of naps had been made, or her food is not right when I put in front of her exactly what she requested. I know that this is typical for her age, and I try my best to simply accept it, ignore it when I can, move us on through the day. I am incredibly sad when the whining is valid and I can’t fully meet her needs. The most familiar is “Mamma hold me” or “Mamma carry me”. She can sound so pitiful at times, and it breaks my heart to tell her I can’t right now because I have to carry Sophie. I try to find times to sit down and cuddle with her while Sophie sleeps or to hold them both together, but it is not always enough.

At almost 3, she is my big girl. I look at her and I see my own smile, many of my own sensitive personality traits.

Sophie, now. She is all Joe.

Little Bit Of Everything

Monday, May 22nd, 2006

It’s been a long day. Sophie didn’t sleep for more than half an hour at a time for some reason.

She’s tired, but just doesn’t want to let it go. I’m finally sitting down by myself at the computer only because Joe is giving me a break for a little while.

There have been lots of little things rattling around in my brain waiting for me to talk about them, so let’s see how many I can remember before Joe gets tired of holding the baby…

First, let’s talk about dinner. I’m really trying to document the recipes I’ve been using over on my sadly-formatted food allergy page I’m starting, and I’m several days behind. We had Beef Stroganoff the other night and I tried a crock-pot version of the recipe. Yuck. Joe and I agreed that pretty much everything I make in the crock pot tastes the same. I think it’s the slow-cooked onions – they just taste kind of funky – maybe kind of metallically sweet instead of the nice caramelized sweet you get when you saute them in the pan. We had bratwurst one night, and some yummy turkey burgers tonight. I’m afraid I can’t remember the rest. Hopefully I’ll get a couple more recipes up over there after I finish writing this.

Along the lines of food and eating, I got on the scale a couple days ago and the needle has finally moved in the downward direction once more. I was stuck at 25 pounds to lose for what seemed like forever, and now I’m down to just 22 or 23 pounds to go! Small progress, but better than nothing and I got the same reading today, so it wasn’t some crazy fluke. Yay, me! I’m still dreading the sight of my own body in a swimsuit, but I already bought season passes to the community water park for me and the girls, so it’s going to happen and on a regular basis once the weather warms up.

Over the weekend, I tried to get my garden planted. Yesterday, I went out and started turning over the ground in the shabby little garden area until I started hearing the buzzing of bees as my shovel sunk in the ground. I stopped, realizing that the nasty little clan of yellow jackets that afflicted our yard last fall must have wintered under all the mulch. I did some internet research and figured out that a bunch of soapy water would probably kill them. It seems to have done the trick. In the mean time, though, our very old next door neighbor lady came over and told Joe that the previous owners of our house had stored old cars in that very spot before they made it a vegetable garden. Old cars that leaked nasty chemicals. Apparently, the previous owners had never managed to get anything to grow there. ARgh! I’ll be making some calls to the University Extension office this week to see what’s to be done. I’m guessing we’ll need to replace the soil there just to be on the safe side. It’s looking like maybe I won’t plant this year after all.


I keep waiting for Sophie’s hair to thin out, and it still very well could happen. But boy, it’s getting longer and she’s got a nice little mullet starting in back.

I have another little finished object to report. Okay, almost finished. These little mittens knit up fast for Julie, and they still need to be felted the next time I run an appropriate load of wash. I think I’ll have a load of towels tomorrow and hopefully I can find my lingerie bag to zip them in. Julie saw me working on them and I finally got to say “Yes, I’m knitting mittens for you.” She was happy.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the leftover rainbow yarn. Maybe a hat for me, maybe let it sit with my growing collection of Cascade 220. Working with this stuff has made me want to try dyeing some self-striping yarn for socks. Like I don’t have enough projects in the pipeline. But maybe I could dye some sock yarn and make tights for Julie for her birthday? How cool would THAT be?

Here’s a look at the current contents of my knitting basket:

Starting at the upper-left and going clockwise we have:

  • A semi-secret project in pink and green that I just started today – for the knitters in the know, it’s one of Ann Norling’s most famous designs if that rings any bells but SSH! don’t tell.
  • Next we have a pair of socks in bright stripes that I’m supposedly knitting along with my sock class. I’ve got one halfway through the heel and the other just past the toe. I’m trying to save them for public knitting because they’re completely, totally mindless and there is really no deadline for them.
  • It’s hard to see in the picture, but I did a little swatch of that Nashua Wooly Stripes yarn that snuck out of the stash. It is very nice, soft yarn and I love it. I don’t know if I’ll actually get to working up a sweater any time soon, but it is fun to dream about. I want to come up with something a bit more interesting than just a plain stockinette cardigan, which would look great as a finished product, but might get a bit boring to work.
  • Next, we have a ball of something called Fantasi by Marks and Kattens. This has also wormed its way out of the stash and ordered me to swatch it out. I have enough balls of this (from Julie Rhodes’ stash) to make a small child’s sweater. I could whip one up for Julie for fall and fulfill my self-imposed minimum quota of a sweater per child per year. It knits at 2.8 sts/inch, so it wouldn’t take very long. It’s very nubbly yarn and not a whole lot of fun to knit with, but it makes nice cute fabric. We’ll see. I keep thinking I want to make a cabled sweater for Julie to sort of match the one I knit for Sophie, and that should really take a higher priority so that I can get a photograph of them both wearing their sweaters together. awww.
  • We’ve got the most expensive pair of socks I’ve ever knit – now that the heels are done, one of them lives by the computer for me to grab when I’m reading blogs. Finally, the Dublin Bay socks. One is done, the second is just past the top cuff. It’s going back in the diaper bag for on-the-go knitting.

Okay, don’t freak out when you see this, you hand knitters. It should be obvious by now that I am devoted to hand knitting and I love my craft, my trade, my art. But it’s fun to experiment and it’s a wide, wide world out there.

This thing climbed out from under the bed and set itself up. It’s a very nice Singer Studio 700 that I got on e-bay a couple of years ago for a song. I’ve used it a couple of times right after I got it, but it’s been so long that I really need to reacquaint myself with it before we can get down to any sort of business. I do have a specific project in mind – one that is totally fun and experimental and just for my own gratification. One that I’ll talk about if and when I ever have time to pursue it. In the mean time, Julie has been strictly warned that she is not to touch it, nay, not to even go near it. There are sharp hooks and the thing is very heavy and if she were to pull on it, the whole thing could come crashing down on her and inflict some nasty bruises. The rule is that if I see her touch it, she is immediately out of the office, and the office is locked when I’m not in here. So far she seems to get it.

I think that’s it! Now I’m off to type up a Beef Stroganoff recipe and maybe play with my knitting machine.

Oops, no, I almost forgot. Here is your daily dose of cute kids:

Hot off the Needles

Friday, May 19th, 2006

Whew! I’m finished with my Kool-Aid Rainbow Glittens. This project definitely became a product-oriented rather than process-oriented one for me. I really had fun with the dyeing. I didn’t mind the first part of the knitting, up through about the knuckles. After that, this mitten-gloves get pretty putzy pretty fast, and adding in spit-spliced stripes every two rows only made matters worse. But they’re done. In a very bright, very loud, slightly citrus-fruit scented way, they are cute. Put on your sunglasses, here they are:

The end of this project leads to two questions – 1. Are they State Fair-worthy? 2. What to start next?

As for the former – maybe. They are awfully loud, but pretty well knit. We’ll see.

As for the latter – even though I have about a million socks on the needles at the moment, they don’t really count as a good, juicy, at-home, kids-are-asleep, watching-tv kind of project. I’ve been wanting to wind up the skein of cobweb-weight yarn I bought a few weeks ago and start a shawl or stole, but then I’ve also been wanting to experiment with entrelac after taking that class. (Perhaps I could kill two birds with a certain Forest Path stole project that I’ve had my eye on since it appeared in Interweave Knits a couple years ago?) Then there are the balls from the stash that popped up in my work basket – should I continue to ignore them? Oh, and the obligations. Julie wants rainbow mittens too. There are a couple of new babies expected in our circle of friends and family – they need something handknit, and I bought some yarn for those little projects.

It’s way past my bedtime. I love falling asleep thinking about what to cast on next. I better get crackin’!

Trader Joe and my Sidekick

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Our very own St. Louis Park Trader Joe’s opened this week. I had been hearing about that store for so long, about all the great organic produce and meat, about all the wonderful Trader Joe products that weren’t available to us here in Minnesota. The cheap wine, the chocolate-covered candies out the ying-yang…oh my!

Tonight I packed Sophie up after Julie went to bed and drove over there to see for myself. The only thing I really needed out of the trip was a single red bell pepper for the Kung Pao chicken I plan to make for dinner in a couple of days. The store is so picked over from all the crazy nutcases (like me) checking it out that they didn’t even have a freakin’ bell pepper in sight. It’s an interesting store. I think they have some great deals on some stuff, although it was so crowded that it was hard to think straight. There is no way I could do a weekly grocery shopping trip there because they don’t have anywhere close to all the stuff I use on a regular basis. But that’s not what they’re famous for, really. It seems to me like the store is meant for young, childless working people who want pre-made meals and only cook from scratch on rare occasions. That’s just my first impression. It’s so hard to tell because everything was drastically picked over.

Here are a couple pictures from my Sidekick phone – low resolution, but you can probably tell the lines to check out were pretty long.

Speaking of Sidekicks, there are rumours all over the internet that the Sidekick III is coming out in the next couple of months – maybe even sometime in June. I can’t help being a little excited about this. Supposedly, there will be a full 1-megapixel camera in there (still not great, but at least in the barely-printable range), Bluetooth technology, and an MP3 player. It would be really nice to have a wireless headset and to not have to carry a seperate device for my MP3. I’m always digging around the bottom of my bag for that cute little blue thing Joe bought me for my birthday. I’m just hoping they cut a deal for the SKII users like they did during the last upgrade rollout. We got to trade in the original Sidekicks for a greatly-reduced price on the IIs. It’s hard to remember what the original one was like, but I remember I loved it and I’m still loving the new version. Almost as much as the pastries I picked up at Trader Joe’s tonight.

More Changes

Monday, May 15th, 2006

I just made a few more changes to the layout. I got rid of the links on the right-hand side and put them on the left with the other links just to clean the joint up a bit. I added a new link called Food Allergy Info, and I’m planning to post the recipes and other resources that I used on a daily basis to feed our family. Being diagnosed with multiple food allergies is overwhelming, and I can’t tell you how many times I wished I could find some smart helpful parent dealing with similar allergies. I just wanted someone to tell me what to cook, where to find good recipes, make suggestions on products and snack ideas. I’m hoping to be that person for someone else in the same boat.

For now, it’s not that impressive. We had chili for dinner tonight, so I posted my chili recipe. I’m planning to add more recipes as I cook them, and put in other stuff as it bubbles up in my mind. The layout over there is butt ugly, and I’ve got to do something about that. I just wanted to get the thing up and running for now, and I’ll deal with making it pretty as inspiration strikes. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed.

Mothers’ Day

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Happy Mothers’ Day, everyone. I say this earnestly, although with only half a heart. Mother’s Day is a fine idea, and it sure is nice to be properly thanked for all that we do, but my opinion is that we should all be thanked for all that we do every day – not just mothers, but everyone who means something for us in life. What a shame it would be to be appreciated on only one day per year. I feel very lucky that I’m appreciated most days, that my husband realizes how hard I work, that he pitches in and does his share usually without complaint.

I definitely got more than my share of relaxing, fun free time yesterday; but today I also got to sleep in while Joe took Julie down and fed her breakfast. When Sophie and I finally did wander down, he made me a little something to eat and Julie helped me open my card and presents. I had pretty much forgotten that I had asked him to get me an under-the-cabinet radio/CD player for the kitchen, and he got a very nice model that matches our stainless steel appliances quite well; plus a gift certificate to Archiver’s, a scrapbooking store.

After that, we had a pretty normal Sunday. I cleaned the bathrooms (finally), vaccumed the stairs (finally), and swept the floors downstairs. In the afternoon, the girls and I played outside for a while till it was time to come in and cook dinner.

Here is your fix of luscious pictures for today:

Julie finally figured out how to pucker her lips to get the air to blow the bubbles properly.

She hasn’t quite figured out how jumping rope works, but she is very enthusiastic about it, and looks like she’s practicing some kind of funky kung-foo move.

Sophie has a new sunhat. I’d been keeping her covered up with a blanket or cloth diaper, but the hat is so cute. She didn’t need it today since it was very cloudy, but hopefully it will work well for the next sunny day. She was just blinking in this picture, and Joe got one of her eyes open, but you’ll have to trust me that this is the cutest.

Shepherd’s Harvest

Sunday, May 14th, 2006

Today was a great day, despite being cold and rainy as are most Mother’s Day weekends in Minnesota. Today I left the girls home with Joe, picked up my friend Elizabeth, and drove out to the Washington County Fairgrounds to visit the Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival. I know it’s no comparison to the famous Maryland event, but it’s still a lot of fun for a fiber addict, and a great way to spend a free morning away from the kids.

Before we left Elizabeth’s house, I dragged her up to her sewing room and got her to let me dig through her stash of pouches and bags. She’s been making these awesome creations out of old silk kimonos and other amazing fabrics, and selling them at craft shows and online. My knitting-tools pouch died a few months ago when the zipper finally gave up the ghost, and I’ve been searching for an acceptable replacement. I left the house with this:

It’s about 9″ long and 5.5″ high, just the right size to fit my knitting tools in, and it has a little loop handle on the end for easy grabbing out of the bottom of my bag or basket. You really should go visit her at if you’re into cute little bags. She even has cases for cell phones and i-pods!

So we headed off to the festival in my crappy old Honda and I was proud of myself for finding the place without getting lost, then negotiating the muddy, unpaved parking area without getting stuck. First priority were the vendors buildings, of course. I managed to buy only one skein of yarn today, and it is a beauty. I saw so many things that I loved, but I had promised myself not to buy yarn unless I could envision a specific project for it – I have a problem with buying a skein or two of a beautiful handpaint just because I love it, then I get it home and realize that I barely have enough for a scarf. So I found a single skein of handpaint sock yarn from Sandy’s Palette. It was a great buy for only $12 and although it is only a single ply, which worries me for wear on sock yarn, it is 20% nylon and seems to be highly twisted. I just couldn’t escape from the beautiful colors.

I also bought a beautiful bowl from an artist by the name of Jennie Landers. She doesn’t seem to have a presence on the Web as far as I can tell, but her things are gorgeous, and tend to have knitting and fiber themes. She was at Yarnover and I admired her work then, but had already blown my budget when I got to her booth. I kept thinking of her over the last couple of weeks, so today I went ahead and picked up this 7.5″ diameter bowl. It’s going to look great on a table or shelf, maybe with some yarn in it or maybe just empty.

There were so many other things in the vendor barns that I saw, touched and smelled – the fresh sheep cheese, handmade soaps, hand felted things, baskets, and all kinds of spinning materials and paraphranalia. We finally made it out of there and walked over to the animal barns to visit with some furry pets. I got to pet a giant angora bunny:

The bunny itself is really not that huge – the super-long hair accounts for at least half of the volume. They were getting ready to use it for a spinning demonstration where they pull the fur directly off the bunny and onto the spinning wheel. It was so tame, it just sat on a lazy susan platform on top of a pedestal letting random people like me pet it. This big fella belongs to Alicia Nguyen and Deb Butorac of 7 Pines Rabbitry, and they were kind enough to chat with us and give me permission to post his? her? photo on the blog.

We proceeded further through the barns, and got to meet a bunch of llamas and alpacas. They are such cute, sweet animals! Elizabeth really wanted to bring one home as a pet. I told her she could just tell her neighbors it was a new breed of dog – afghani-doodles. I really had to restrain myself from breaking out in the Llama Llama Duck song, at least out loud. We talked to one kind owner by the name of Charlene Bautch of Woodridge Llamas, who let me get in the pen with her two critters and get this picture for the blog:

Further down the aisle, we saw one final sight that made me chuckle, and I quickly took a picture without asking permission and hoping that nobody noticed me doing it.

I mean, what kind of nutcase takes a picture of llama poop and puts it on the internet? What makes llama manure so valuable that you’d pack it up special and bring it to a festival to sell to an audience of mostly other people who have a lot of llama poop on their hands already? It must be some pretty magic stuff.

Anyway, we made the mandatory stop at the kettle corn booth, grabbed a couple of lamb brats, then headed back to the cities. Joe seems to have done a fine job of surviving a rainy morning stuck in the house with the girls, and he even mentioned having wrapped a Mothers’ Day gift with Julie while Sophie slept. I have something wonderful to look forward to in the morning – wahoo! I feel like I already got a better gift than I could have asked for in my morning away and the chance to see my girls fresh again after missing them just a bit.

Spring Cleaning

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

Oh – you thought I meant actual, housewifey type spring cleaning. Nope. To be honest, I haven’t even cleaned the bathrooms in longer than I want to admit. Please, whatever you do, don’t look too closely inside my kitchen drawers. I can’t figure out how we’ve managed to accumulate so many crumbs in the utensils drawers in the 7 months since they were installed – I mean, only clean utensils go in there!

But that’s another story. This post is about the recent spruce-up on the old blog. My darling husband finally rigged up the server to produce awesome website useage statistic reports from all the raw data it’s been collecting since forever. Let me tell you, it’s fun to see what key words people used to land at my site. I could write a whole post on that alone. It boils down to a lot of knitting terminology, baby related stuff, and people trying to figure out how to clean Sharpie markers off various things. But to continue the spring cleaning thread…seeing the actual statistics made me realize that I really do get a little crowd of visitors to my site every day. I know many of them probably don’t make it over to the blog, or if they do they don’t bother reading all the drivel that I spew. Most of my friends and family who visit will readily admit that they scroll for pictures and that’s just fine.

Still, I started to feel a little self-conscious about how shabby the little things were around here. First, the column to the far right had those spots that said edit-me where I was supposed to fill in links for people to click on. It’s pretty sad when you haven’t taken the time to figure out how to put a few links up – especially since most of the rest of the site is hard-coded HTML. So I took a little initiative. While I was at it, I found a halfway decent photo of myself and stuck it in my profile so everyone can look at me while they read my drivel and admire my kids.

As far as the links go – I only included what I consider my favorite blogs in there. The ones that I really like to check every day. There are probably as many more again that I read when I’m procrastinating on getting something done like bills paid or a blog entry written. Most of these are very popular blogs and I am very late to the party in linking to them.

Finally, I changed the blog name. When I set this place up, I couldn’t think of anything better than “Shelly’s Blog”. Every time I looked at it, I thought “I’ve got to think of a better name.” Finally, I crackled a few synapses in the brain and came up with Heathen Housewife. I mean no disrespect to any religion or religious people by this title. I’m using the term heathen in the sense of simply not following any of the organized religions. Housewife, while sometimes considered a derogatory, anti-feminist term, really kind of does honestly describe my vocation at the moment, and like other derogatory terms, loses its negative power if you own it and take pride in it. So there.

I hope you enjoy the pine-fresh scent and visit early and often. Oh – and back to those stats for a minute. I *know* I’m getting several good-sized handfuls of visitors to the blog every single day. I no longer have to doubt whether anyone is reading my drivel, or at least looking at the pictures. Would it kill you to leave a comment now and again? Let me know who you are, what you think, say whatever you want! I double-dog dare you!

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

Juicy Baby Pic of the Day – for some reason, Sophie’s been waking up to have some fun right around midnight the last couple of nights. Last night, we got to sleep around 2 a.m. She sure is cute, though. She loves it when I help her sit up, and she sits there making silly little faces. Look at those scrumptious feet! Posted by Picasa