The Fun, It Never Ends

Really, I had a pretty darn good week this week. I don’t think I have any complaints. Sophie has decided that nights are mostly for sleeping again, and although she still wakes up and needs some soothing now and then, the new rule of twenty-minute shifts is really saving my sanity. Life has been pretty good.

If nothing else, the last couple of days have been busy, but busy in a good way. We’ve been moving non-stop all day, but doing mostly fun or at least bearable things and avoiding the whiny doldrums that seem to go hand in hand with too many hours hanging around the house. Last night I even got to go out for the evening – Beth from my Wednesday morning knitting group hosted a little get-together at her house.

There was knitting, there was ball-winding, there was eating of cake and drinking of wine. There was more than one girls-only TMI conversation that made everyone laugh and blame the wine. I got to decompress, show off some of my stuff, and get some good advice on things I’m working on now.

This morning, we had a little visitor to our house. My friend Jen and I decided to trade babysitting once a week for a couple of hours so we can spend some one-on-one time with our older girls. I know I’ve been really worried lately about not getting enough bonding in with Julie since Sophie’s gotten more alert, and Jen feels the same way. I took the first turn watching her lovely baby Hafsa, and it was actually fun. Hafsa is a month younger than Sophie, but does everything Sophie does and even a few more little tricks.

Here they are hanging out by the stairs. Hafsa crawled over there and started climbing them. CLIMBING! She didn’t get very far, and I spotted her the whole time, but Sophie came over and watched for a few minutes and then decided to try it herself once Hafsa gave up and moved on to chewing a rattle.

Here, Sophie is rattling the cage baby gate. I just love the cuteness that is a little baby standing there thinking she is so grown up with her little diaper bubble butt.

Julie did her part in the babysitting just by being her cute little self. The babies were amused by her continual antics. Here she is doing her version of a plie. The girl needs some dance lessons – I’m looking into finding some for her right now, as a matter of fact.

In other happy news, good things in small packages keep showing up on my doorstep. Yesterday, the mailman dropped off a box of sock yarn scraps from Jen in Omaha. Just when I think the flood of incoming yarn is over, I’m surprised by another lovely package. Thanks, Jen! Today, the mailman dropped off a shiny little box of very yummy chocolates from one of my former knitting students. I’m not sure what I did to deserve it, but I’m not going to complain!

Also pictured here is the bottle of fabric paint I used on Julie’s clogs. Jools wanted to know what kind of paints are best. I can’t claim to know what is best, but so far what I used seems to bet working just fine. It’s 3-D fabric paint that you squeeze straight out of the bottle onto your project. The brand name of this one is Scribbles, which I think is a fairly common one. I haven’t used this stuff since I made a few t-shirt projects in high school, but it is available at most hobby craft shops like Michaels and Jo-Ann’s for a dollar or two a bottle. One bottle was plenty for the footprints I made on Julie’s clogs.

Finally, a new project trying to hide in the background there but not. It’s sort of an open-secret gift I’m working up for a friend. I’m awful about keeping secrets when it comes to gift-giving, especially when I’m giving my own hand knits. I just get too excited about it and have to share.

3 Responses to “The Fun, It Never Ends”

  1. corgimom says:

    Guess what! I untangled the ball of yarn, then turned it into 1 ball so I could find the end.

    Love the bottom of the slippers with the little “feet” on them with the Scribbles.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Food-for-thought: don’t overload a three-year-old. While they may act like they want dancing lessons, it’s a bit early. She’s already handling pre-school, which in itself is a load for someone so young. And please don’t be offended by this — it comes from someone who overloaded and learned to talk about it. It’s just called passing-it-along. One mother to another. And I don’t have a blog. Tracy

  3. Jools says:

    Thanks for the info on the paint!

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