Argh! I had a great post planned for tonight, and a giant ball of tangled yarn got me sidetracked. I was trying to wind up those three skeins of rainbow yarn that I dyed for the girls’ leggings, and I’m not even going to tell you how it ended up as a big tangled wad. I’ve got it mostly sorted, but it’s time for bed and there are no pictures yet again today. I hate it when there are no pictures! Sorry.

More importantly, I owe an apology to blackbird, I’m afraid. I think I was too tired last night, and my reference to her post was confusing. Let me just start off by saying that blackbird is awesome – she is one of the best bloggers I have encountered. She’s nice (as far as I can tell), she writes wonderfully, takes great pictures, has awesome taste in just about everything, and I could go on and on. She leads what seems to me a very interesting, rich life as well.

I was in no way complaining about what blackbird had suggested or blaming her or the board shorts for my sunburn. They’re totally unrelated. I am actually very thankful for her post leading me down the path away from swimsuits with skirts to attempt to hide the unsightly butt/thigh area and towards the much more sensible shorts. Go read her post. I’ll wait. Okay, see? She’s cool, right? Now add her to your blogroll and I promise she’ll amuse you to no end. You’re going to want to go back and read her archives.

And for those of you who were wondering where to shop for board shorts, she had some great suggestions. The problem with board shorts for me (at least, as far as I can tell from the pictures) is that most of them are too short to look good on my fat upper thighs or they’re cut too straight. I need loose-thigh pants or trust me, it’s even less pretty than we want to think about. Don’t argue with me, just please take my word for it that that’s how I feel about it.

Allright, I have to go to bed now, but let me just share the other thing I did tonight – I got involved! Our neighborhood has almost no stop signs, and we really need some because of cut-through traffic. I went to the planning meeting to put my voice in to get it happen. I know, not that big a deal. In fact, it was an excuse to sit and knit for an hour instead of feeding the kids dinner and giving them their bath. But it feels good to be doing something – something small – that will improve our neighborhood for our family as well as everyone else.

Tomorrow – sock pictures. Really.

3 Responses to “Apologies”

  1. blackbird says:

    I have a pair of mens trunks too – you’ve just reminded me!
    A friend bought them for her son and he won’t wear them – J Crew…

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words and linkage!

  2. seedless grape says:

    I hate it when yarn gets tangled up. So. Frustrating.

    I’m glad you went and said something at your neighborhood meeting. Until very recently, I used to live in a neighborhood that really could have used more street lights. There were long sections of total blackness, which always struck me as creepy and scary whenever I was walking home from work late at night. I never knew how to go about making a ruckus to get more street lamps put in.

    So, go you! Way to make a change for the better!!!

  3. Janelle says:

    Yep, I wear mens trunks, too. I get them at a local surf shop. The ones in the womens department are soooooo short! Definitely not for me. I do need some new tankini tops to go with them, which is never a fun shopping trip…

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