I don’t know what to say!

I can not believe what y’all did to my etsy store today. I mean, I woke up this morning and there were only four skeins left in there. And then, by the end of dinner there was one lonely skein in there…and then I came down after putting the kids to bed and the store was EMPTY!

I know, there wasn’t all that much to start with, but I can’t believe you really bought ALL of the yarn. You’ve really made my decision about what to do next that much harder. I really want to place that wholesale order on the yarn that I really want to be working with instead of waiting more than a month for more of the yarn that I can settle for working with. Gulp. And knowing that someone might actually buy some of this stuff makes it all the more tempting to possible invest the $500 in the minimum order from the manufacturer….oh, the decisions.

So anyway, back to today! Look! I made cute little labels to go on the skeins of yarn:

And Sophie and I ran to the post office – literally we ran or I did with her in the sling – while Julie was in her half-hour swim lesson – to pick up boxes in which to ship out all that yarn. And then I spent every other free moment I had during the day winding yarn and wrapping things up and printing things out and sticking labels and generally trying not to screw up any orders.

And I loved every minute of it. I will run all those boxes to the post office in the morning, and hopefully ya’ll will be getting your yarn in a few days. One special person got a surprise bonus skein in her box.

As promised, I found time to show you the yarn I just dyed for the girls’ leggings. It was raining here today, or I might have tried to find time to wind it back into smaller skeins this afternoon.

I’m not sure what to think about this mess yet. This is three skeins worth of yarn, and it’s going to be pants for the girls that I will have to look at at least once a week all fall and winter. I think it’s generally okay, but the yellow is a little bright amongst the other colors. This might still be okay because they are meant to be wild crazy stripy pants. But I haven’t re-wound the yarn yet, and I could do a little overdye job but I can’t decide on that front either.

Anyway, thanks for all the well-wishes today.

Hey Ruth – ask me that question in an e-mail!

Hey Erin – you know what? I was already listed on your blogroll – now I’m on there twice – once as Shelly Kang and once as Heathen Housewife! Go ahead and keep it that way if you like – makes me giggle! By the way, I love The Yellow Dog in Eau Claire. Super nice store.

And if you didn’t get to see all the yarn in the Etsy shop before it sold, you can go to this page and look at it – but it will just make you sad because someone else owns it now. But don’t worry – there will probably be more soon.

Oh! And someone asked if I plan to ever do custom orders. Heck, yeah! If someone has a colorway in their head that they want me to interpret, I’d be up for trying it. I don’t have any more blank yarn at the moment, but I have a feeling that I’ll be swimming in it pretty soon. Must talk to husband about wooly investments…

Sorry about the no-blankie Friday, all you blankie lovers out there. I’ve been busy this week with the socks and the sock yarn and the Etsy and the Amy Singer and the Yarnery class…I’ll have to force myself to sit in front of the TV and commune with the blankie more over the weekend. The horrors!

Off to bed!

8 Responses to “I don’t know what to say!”

  1. Nikki says:

    Congrats on selling out of yarn!! I know that really will be a mixed blessing in the future but now – enjoy it!!

  2. seedless grape says:

    Oh, no! I missed everything in your shop! I hope you’ll be posting new things soon!

    All the sold yarns, though, look lovely. I’m sure they’ll be well loved by whomever purchased them! Congratulations on your success!

  3. Dianne says:

    Congratulations, and I am now officially kicking myself. I saw your lovely yarns, and decided to hold off until after payday. Now it is all gone…Drats! Go ahead and place that $500 order – look how fast your first batch sold! (Easy for me to say, right?) I’ll be watching for more yarn!

    P.S. I can’t wait to see the leggings for the girls – LOVE the wild colors!

  4. Carol says:

    Hmmm, sounds like you may have a nice little cottage industry stting up shop in you rhome…

  5. Rosie says:

    Rats! I’ve been without broadband for a few days so missed out. How I love those names you gave the colours.

  6. crafty_kat says:

    *chuckles* How fun for you! I can see why it’s tempting to “go for broke”, so to speak, and to invest in the wholesale order.
    Congrats on such an awesome first day ^_^

  7. SwissKnits! says:

    Tee Hee… sold out in less than 24 hours… how exciting!! Were you totally dancing around the house? I’m so excited for you… :)

    ooooo love your tags!!

    What did Joe say… did you dream in color last night?? LOL

  8. beth says:

    Congratulations, you sold out! But in a good way, I mean. Keep up the good work, people like your stuff:)

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