Pictures – Yeah!

I was looking at the last few posts on the blog, and it has really been way too long since we had gratuitous cute-kid pictures. Let’s see if I can scrounge some up….

Julie made a couple of very long pom-pom necklaces from a kit I bought on clearance somewhere a while back, and Sophie had some fun wearing one the other day.


Sophie LOVES our neighbor Jason. He’s a great kid, and really good with her.

Noodles at the swim lessons. Julie insisted she didn’t want to use one, then talked about wanting to use a noodle again non-stop for the rest of the day.

In the tub.

Sophie continues to explore the locker room. A game of peek-a-boo climbing in and out of the locker can last a good ten minutes.

It was so stinking hot yesterday afternoon that I took the girls to the mall to play. Sophie’s finally big enough to enjoy the interactive light show thingie.

We ventured back into the soft play area, and this time there were no incidents.

Back at swim lessons.

Today was much cooler and drier, but I went ahead and set up the pool anyway.

Our little friend Radley from across the street came over to play too.

Our sandbox is just barely big enough for three.

Now on to the knitting…

I finally got the yarn untangled and wound up. Now I just need to take a few measurements and cast on for the first pair of pants. It took a little getting used to, but I think I can live with this colorway after all.

Here’s an overview of the current crop of socks…

The pink one of the left is done. The one on the right is all that remains of my supply of mindless stockinette. This makes me very nervous, and the solution to the problem is to hurry up and cast on those pants. The striped socks are ready for the ribbing at the top and I could finish them up in an hour or two uninterrupted, but they are low on the priority list. I’ll probably find time for them after the Pomatomus and Baudelaire and before I cast on for my second Sockapalooza sock.

Pomatomus is creeping along. I really want to have the heel flap at least started by class tomorrow night. It could happen if the stars align tomorrow.

Baudelaire is halfway through the gusset, and I would have liked to make it to the heel shaping on this one before class as well, but it just didn’t happen this week.

Today has been such a very long day. Julie talked non-stop all day, and it was all imaginary stuff that makes sense to a three-year-old and kind of to me because I’m with her all the time and I know from where she’s drawing all her mental images. But good lord it’s tiresome! And Sophie is working on those canines, or maybe she still has sand up her b*tt ch**ks from sitting in the sandbox after being in the pool today, but the kid didn’t fall asleep till well after 10, which meant that she spent from 7:30 to well after 10 alternately nursing, standing up in her crib screaming at me and/or Joe, and being laid back down in her crib ten bazillion times by me and Joe. It’s after 11 – I need some quality time with the couch and Pomatomus.

9 Responses to “Pictures – Yeah!”

  1. J. Denae says:

    Your girls are so cute!! Enjoy it, it goes by soooo fast.
    I love the rainbow yarn… my daughter and I are planning a dyeing day sometime this summer – she wants leg and wrist warmers.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Ahh, the healing properties of knitting! Hope you got the solitude you needed.

  3. blackbird says:

    I love that photo of them in matching dresses.
    Obviously I need to come here when I need a girl fix.

  4. Carol says:

    Can’t wait to see how the pants turn out! Quick cast ‘em on!

  5. noricum says:

    I sure hope that was “peek-a-boo” and not “pee-a-boo”! Ew! ;)

    My mom says that if you put coarse sand in the sand box, then it doesn’t get into everything and tracked into the house. Of course, she didn’t know this when I was little and they put really fine sand in our box too. ;)

    I’m reunited with my blankie, and did two more squares over the last two nights. :)

  6. Sharon Rose says:

    Speaking of blankies…

  7. Jools says:

    Late to the party as usual, but I’m posting about your sock yarn mailing.

    Did you know that the Post Office will deliver mailing supplies to you free? AND that you can print paid and schedule the mailman to come and pick up boxes, right from their website?

    We’ve used these services a lot and they work well.

    The supplies take a while to come, though so plan ahead before your next etsy upload.

  8. katrynka says:

    The photos of the kids are great! I envy Julie being able to float in the ring in that little pool! I wish there was a way to have a pool in my back yard. But it is too slanted for anything temporary, and we do not really have space for anything permanent. I love when kids Julie’s age talk like that… but then I only work with them, or babysit, so it is not 24/7!!

  9. kmkat says:

    Hi, Shelley! I just found your blog from the link on blackbird’s blog. Amazing, since she is a nonknitter from Tuvalu, and you and I are knitters in Minneapolis. Well, not quite, I live in Wisconsin now but lived in Mpls for 30 years and still work there.


    I love the rainbow yarn you dyed — it reminds me of the yarn that other bloggers (La Harlot, Susan Rainey, etc.) are using for the Kauni sweater. I know nothing of intellectual property rights, but barring that (and the usual yarn substitution problems/rules), you could market your rainbow yarn as suitable for a Kauni variation. If you decided to make more of it. Which you might or might not.


    I’d like to buy enough of the Electric Wire(name?) sock yarn for a pair of socks the next time you have some ready for your Etsy shop. It was the self-striping yarn, black/ color/ black/ color/ black/ color/ etc. I loved it when I saw the sock Knitting Diva made and when I looked at the page you linked to with all the yarns you originally put up for sale, that was the one I clicked on without realizing it was the same yarn. Clearly I need some :-) E me @ kmkatt at that site that rhymes with wahoo! dot com. Thanks!

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