Sunburned and Mending

It seems to me a bit late in the season to be sunburned. I have, after all, spent a good portion of nearly every day for the last couple months out of doors, weather mostly permitting. It has been quite dry here in Minnesota, and our lawns are all turning brown despite some watering. But that’s another, even more boring, story.

Today the girls and I joined some neighbors and rode bikes and bike trailers over to the splash pad again. This time, I went ahead and put on the tankini top half of my swim suit, along with a pair of semi-matching men’s swim trunks that I bought a week or two ago. Blackbird had a post about how board shorts were her new preferred swimming attire, and I thought to myself “That’s what I need.” But then when I actually did the shopping I realized that the shape of the board shorts would not work with the shape of my body. So I went shopping for just water shorts and ended up returning the $24 Lands’ End pair that I had to mail order for two pairs of $7.50 men’s swim trunks from the sporting goods store next door to the Lands’ End outlet. Okay, this is getting really boring.

The point is, that normally I wear crewneck t-shirts or polo shirts as my daily uniform, and today there was a lot more exposed skin than usual, and despite a half-hearted attempt at getting sunscreen on my back (Julie and Sophie were drifting off toward the sprinklers without me) I ended up with a nice crispy burn on my upper back. It’s funny – we were there for more than two hours and it felt like no time at all because everyone was having fun and playing and keeping busy.

Joe laughed himself silly when he saw my back this evening. In a day or so, it will be better, and next time I will do a better job of getting sunscreen on before we leave the house.

The unfortunate thing about spending the entire afternoon splashing in the water is that it’s not at all conducive to knitting. Only when we arrived back home and Sophie was asleep in the trailer did I have a few minutes to sit and knit while Julie messed around in the sand box. Pomatomus #2 is coming along, and I’m getting close to heel flap time. I’d like to get the heel flap complete before Thursday’s class.

But instead of spending the whole evening knitting fish scale lace, I had to spend a good hour mending clothes. Buttons have been popping off of shirts and pants left and right all week – mine and everyone else’s. The clincher that got me attacking the pile was a hole in the seam of Julie’s Hello Kitty under*wear. She was quite upset, so I had to promise her I’d fix them by morning. I still managed to squeeze in a few minutes of good sock knitting after all the mending and folding of clothes.

I can tell I need to go to bed. I’m simply rambling here. Tomorrow there will be pictures. Kid pictures and sock pictures.

5 Responses to “Sunburned and Mending”

  1. connie says:

    Well – of course you got a sunburn…the sun is at the strongest as it is truly summer now! I have to use 50 spf, I can still burn. I also use an Aloe gel on my burns – green goop – it heals the burn much faster, takes the sting out of it, and it doesn’t peel so much.

  2. Cathy goldman says:

    I received my fabulous sock yarn yesterday. the colors are fantastic and the yarn itself is so soft. Can’t wait to get started.thank you and get dyeing!!!!! cg

  3. sopranospinner says:

    I am absolutely dying for board shorts! Where does one shop? Are they for ladies or are we mooching off juniors or men? Please help me out!

    I had a bad burn last week and I can still feel it. I don’t think I’ve peeled since high school!

    Glad you’re enjoying your summer with the girls. We have a water play park like that near my mom’s in New Jersey that we will be at almost every day while we’re there.

  4. Carol says:

    Just a quick note…sunscreen is most effective when applied 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. That gives it a chance to bind to the skin and, incidentally, won’t wash off as easily while you are at the splash pad.

  5. blackbird says:

    The issue of shorts has little to do with the sunburn though -
    I stand by them…for women of a certain age.
    Try continuous spray sunblock, and I hope you are better soon!

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