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Kay at Mason-Dixon Knitting wants to see our recipe boxes, and I want a spot in the contest.

I don’t use a recipe box – I stole an idea from a friend of mine several years ago, and picked out a pretty three-ring binder at an office supply store.

Actually, now I have two. The top one is for recipes in my regular rotation, the bottom one is for holiday food and other occasional-use recipes. I love this method of organizing them for several reasons. You can use clear plastic page protectors and pull the recipe out with its sleeve when you need it. The plastic keeps me from spilling food all over the paper (and trust me, I am always wiping those suckers clean). It’s also nice when you’ve torn something out of a magazine or have an oddly-shaped piece of paper to be able to just slide it in a page protector and it fits right in with the rest. It seems like most of my recipes are ones I’ve printed out from various websites over time, so it’s nice being able to accommodate letter sized paper without having to fold it.

The recipe I’m choosing to share is one that my father won a cooking contest with when I was a little kid, and I used to ask for it whenever I had the occasion to pick a special meal. I call it Dad’s Yummy Chicken, and I have it here in my collection of recipes that are friendly to people with multiple food allergies.

Thanks for the contest, Kay!

6 Responses to “Recipe Box”

  1. Kay says:

    Way too tidy for a heathen!

    Thanks for playing! xo Kay

  2. Michele V. says:

    Thanks for the recipe – this looks like one I will try!

  3. Rooie says:

    Yum…that sounds like a winner. Though I’m afraid the addition of olives and artichoke hearts puts it out of the running for my family. Two ingredients they won’t touch, darn it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow–I thought you hate your dad, why did you list a recipe from him?

  5. Anonymous says:

    you should call it, “Dear Dad: Bugger The Fuck Off!” yummy chicken…

  6. Rox says:

    Shelly — Three Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s makes for an inexpensive wine to cook with and it’s not at all bad to drink, either!

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