(Barely) Controlled Chaos

Oh, how just a few weeks ago I was feeling so satisfied with myself, having focused directly on the Sunrise Circle Jacket from start to finish all in just a couple weeks. I was resolved to the idea of sticking to one main project and getting more FO satisfaction. Amazing how in such a short time that whole scheme can go to the crapper.

Let’s take a few looks at the state of things.

First there’s the whole spinning obsession. Oh, yes, it’s still out of control. Witness -

The niddy-noddy in action

The latest plied skein pre-wash – I’m getting some fairly nice, thin yarn.

I’m still trying to get the whole twist-balance thing straight. This one ended up a bit puckery post-wash.

You can see all that I’ve spun here, and what’s left of that original ball of fiber that once filled up the basket there. I’ll have it finished up in the next day or two, I imagine. I’ve been flipping through spinning books like crazy as well – both ones that I’ve bought and from the library. Not pictured are a couple more floating around the house now, as well as a couple that I returned today. I have to say, there were a couple that made me laugh out loud with the crazy-yarn pictures

Oh, look what came in the mail*! I spent a few minutes poring through the lots, and it looks like the ones I’m interested in are pretty much the same as last year.

Then there’s the new hat project. I should be casting on for it right now, but it’s not going to happen tonight. I wanted to knit along with the class I’m teaching at the moment, but class is tomorrow night and I haven’t even completely decided which stitch pattern I want to use. At least I’ve done the swatch and washed it. Yurg!

Just look at the crazy pile of socks in progress. Dare I even admit that there are more than even this laying around that I am not even going to show you?

Starting with the pink-and-red ones – my Sock Wars Detonators in progress. My current target just bowed out of the game, and I’m waiting to hear back from the Supreme Commander about my new target before I knit any further. Moving clockwise, the plain old Meilenweit cotton toe-ups for me that I’m pretty much ignoring till I need some super-mindless stockinette, and below those are the Opal ones which are screaming “finish us off, already!” but which remain my backup emergency knitting. And finally, those new black ones.

Dream in Color Smooshy. My tiniest needles for super-tight, lovely fabric. Perfectly centered 2X2 ribbing along the insteps. These will be lovely socks, and there is a deadline. This is what I’m knitting on when I’m not spinning right now.

Yeah, sorry diamond jacket.

Sorry Lace-Cuff sock pattern.

Yeah. The knitting part of my life is sheer chaos.

Look what Julie and I have been reading together this week*:

It’s so good to start revisiting books I loved as a child. I’m not sure she’s understanding the story fully – lots of new-to-her words in there. Luckily the chapters are short, and I make sure to talk through each part of the story before we move on. So far, she seems to like it and keeps asking for more.

Sophie is happy enough about her new bed.

She’s sleeping in it no worse than she did in her crib. The first night, Joe put her to bed and thought she was going to stay there. Ten minutes later I looked up from my computer and saw her peeking around the corner into my office with a naughty smirk, having opened the door, scampered down the hall and climbed down the stairs all by herself. She’s so tiny in this new big-girl bed. It’s so incredibly sweet.

There’s another little Sophie story that I’ve been meaning to share. Sophie watches Julie open the door on her side of the van and wants to do her side “by self” too. Only Sophie can barely reach the handle, and certainly doesn’t have the leverage to pull it hard enough to open it. So I’ve been pulling a little trick on her. I count with her and have her try it one more time, then I secretly push the button on the remote control. The door opens and I get to see that glowing so-proud-of-herself smile.

Now it’s 11:43. I have a big meeting to go to in less than 12 hours. One about a family matter, one which will probably leave me with more questions than answers, more worries than reassurance. I think I’d better go get some sleep.

*I really thought Photoshop was going to rotate these for me. Sorry – no time to go back and do it by hand tonight.

7 Responses to “(Barely) Controlled Chaos”

  1. Dianne says:

    Your spinning looks great!

  2. tadlewog says:

    the spinning never took with me… i figured that maybe I could get into it with a wheel instead of a spindle, but i’m not ready to make that leap.

    Good luck with the meeting today. i hope it’s smoother and better than you seem to expect. i’ll send good thoughts your way.

  3. Tiny Tyrant says:

    Cute trick with the van door.

    My parents had this old Chevy Nova when I was about her age and our dad had us convinced that if you pushed on the ceiling, the horn would honk.

    Yes I am still that gullible. lol

  4. Lisa says:

    Re the spinning: Have you tried steaming the skein? You need a teakettle with a whistling spout because you need a narrow jet of steam. Fill the kettle, put it on to boil, stretch the skein between your hands, and CAREFULLY move it through the jet of steam. Hold each part of the skein in the steam until you see it stop moving (sounds creepy, doesn’t it?) then move on to the next part after it cools a bit. You need to be holding the skein fairly taut while you do this. AND BE CAREFUL! This should smooth and even it out a bit.

  5. Lisa says:

    Oops, I should have been a little more specific and told you that you need the skein untwisted and held in it’s “circle” state. Boy, I hope this makes sense. It’s easier and faster to do than to explain!

  6. beth says:

    Great job on the spinning! Your finished yarn looks really good:) Do you have Spin to Knit or Spin It yet? They’re both good spinning books for beginners.

  7. Janet from Chanhassn says:

    Would you mention where to find the pattern for your black socks. I love the look of them and I love to knit on small needles. Thanks

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