Pandora’s Box?

I am generally anti-video-games for young children. But then the new
session of swimming started today, and Julie's lesson is first, followed
by a 15 minute break before Sophie's lesson. I thought, maybe I could
dig out the old Game Boy Color and let Julie play with it while we watch
Sophie. I made it clear that we would only be using it during swim
lessons. So far she seems to be catching on to Super Mario 2 just fine.

Also? I'm all puffed up, itchy and red in the face. I think I'm having
an allergic reaction to some herbal tea I drank a couple days ago.

6 Responses to “Pandora’s Box?”

  1. joetron2030 says:

    I can’t wait to play some Grand Theft Auto 4 with her tonight!

  2. Ruth says:

    My granddaughter is also taking lessons at Foss, and is doing so well. what a great swimming school it is!

  3. Debra says:

    A tiny piece of advice: keep your children away from anything “video” for as long as you can. It tends to be addictive and the biggest “creativity killer” ever. Crayons, paints, reading and being read to are so much more important. Trisha

  4. Lindsey says:

    But then on the other side of the coin… kids create the most elaborate play scenes with their legos loosely based off what they just did in the last level of Lego Star Wars. They have all been able to easily understand the mouse controlling the computer after they started playing the Wii. My oldest wasn’t able to make the connection between mouse and computer at 4 – she loves the art programs we have- but just couldn’t grasp the idea. 2 years later, she can whip out cards and posters likety split. (Now our 2 yr old is quite adept at playing the online games at PBS Kids and PBS Sprout :P ) So your mileage may vary :)

  5. Betty Catherine says:

    I don’t believe there is anything wrong with video games, the key is moderation. They are like television: there are benefits to be had (I’ve heard of studies that say TV watching toddlers have better vocabularies than non-TV watchers, but only up to a small limit of watching per day). You are someone who is willing to set limits, and your kids will be fine.

  6. riotwife says:

    Ah, I hope you’re feeling better. Allergies are terrible!

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