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Wild Life

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Guess who was standing in my back yard when we pulled in to the driveway
after swimming at the gym this morning? When I was growing up in
semi-rural Missouri, this was no big deal, but here in my inner-ring
suburb surrounded by highways and busy streets, it was a big surprise.
The most we've seen around here before is a fox or two trotting down the
street. The girls and I sat in the van staring for a few minutes, then
called one of our favorite neighbors so she could see before the buck
trotted off.

Rock Band and Bulgolgi

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Life continues…I have so much to blog about, tons of fibery content,
but so little time to blog it. I’ve had one after another self-imposed
project deadlines for months, and I just added a couple more at the top
of the queue. Yarg!

Meanwhile, I spent the main part of the day at a baby shower, and
tonight we are at the in-laws eating bulgolgi (yummy korean-style bbq
ribs) prepared by my future SIL and playing Beatles Rock Band together.

Editing to add: It was Kalbi, not Bulgolgi. I eat both, and I can never keep the names for the two straight. I eat lots of Korean food, and try to remember the names, but I have a horrid memory for words. You’d think after about ten years in this family, I’d be a bit better at it than I am. Oh, and yes, there was kimchee on the table, and yes, I did eat it. We had the cabbage and the radish variety, plus some plain ole vlasic pickles. My favorite kimchee is the cucumber variety, but that one is served more often in the summer.