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Still Here

Monday, December 14th, 2009

I've had a couple comments asking where I am and whether I plan on
posting again. Still very much here, living the same charmed life as

This morning, the girls are having a bath as we were too busy to get it
in last night. They built a little "Fraggle Town" on the edge of the
tub while I was in the next room for a moment, and that inspired me to
take the first bath picture of them since they were diapered babies.
They are so funny together, and although they do have their share of
tiffs, they are generally amazingly good sisters for each other.

As for me, well, I am working on knitting my fifth and sixth spiral
sweaters, one as a shop model for the store and another cardigan version
for Julie. I'm also working up an actual pattern, to be sold at the
store and online, and to accompany the class I'll be teaching in the new
year. This deadline, along with another sample and pattern for the shop,
have been keeping me under a bit of pressure.

Meanwhile, I have baked and decorated sugar cut-out cookies with the
girls, as well as peanut butter blossom cookie and my first go at fruit
cake – the kind not involving those weird jellified,
artificially-colored "fruits" that show up at the grocery store this
time of year. I made mini-cupcake sized ones, and they are delicious, if
very rich and heavy. Three or four more kinds of treats are planned for
this week, in time to package them up and hand off to teachers and
neighbors as gifties. Oops – look the other way if you're reading!

There has been near-daily spinning in mostly short sessions when I am
too drained to knit. I'm working on a massive project involving a pound
of roving and veryvery thin singles. I haven't yet figured out where
this one is going, but I'll definitely be plying them, probably for some
sort of sweater project. When they are eventually done.

There have been many other blog-worthy events around here, and I'm sorry
not to have shared them – it's nice to have a regular record of our
goings-on for my own benefit as well. I will get back in the swing of
things when I can, there are just higher priorities at the moment.
Thanks for sticking with me!