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Hi, It’s Almost June!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

I keep getting all these lovely e-mails, comments, and phone calls from friends and family wondering why I don’t blog any more, and I keep intending to get back to it, and it keeps not happening. And now it’s almost June. So here I am with a bunch of pictures to throw at you, to let you know a bit about our doings and that we are all happy and safe. Ready? Go!

There has been spinning…I had a pile of wool top that I turned into faux rolags to spin, and Daisy was the perfect background prop for one.

Here’s a pair of socks that came off the needles, and there Daisy was again…

Oh! Here’s the yarn that I spun with the rolags. Meh, it’s okay. The wool was purple and green and white, and mixing it all up made it a little brownish. I think I would have been better off making singles.

I’m working on this sweater – some cream alpaca that I spun up last year and some rainbow Kauni. It’ much farther along now – the body is knit up to the underarms and I’m well into the sleeves. Actually, I’m knitting the sleeves a second time after ripping the half-done sleeves out after having knit them with the wrong needle size and clung to denial for way too long before facing the music. I’m doing both sleeves at once in one big tube, and will be cutting them apart and seaming the underarms before joining them with the body.

Julie’s been losing baby teeth left and right. She’s lost five total, and for a while had neither of her top-front teeth. It was crazy cute.

This scene was one weekday morning as Joe was leaving for work. I just thought it was cute how both girls were snuggled up using their toy laptops. They are at such a fun age, and although they do argue and butt heads sometimes, mostly they play great together.

Here’s some more yarn that I spun up – it was from some awesome space-dyed merino tencel and I navajo-plied it. More on this later.

Daisy is a total camera hog. She’s gotten a lot more in-our-face since Harry passed, and is noticeably aging quickly. Sweet kitty.

Okay, and really – I have been meaning to blog and just not getting around to it. I was totally going to show you the girls’ Easter baskets…

There’s hardly any candy in there – mostly books and toys. The kids were completely happy – and the Easter bunny left them a little treasure-clue game that they had to follow to find their baskets. One of the clues sent them to the dish towel drawer…

So, Sophie has two of the most awesome pre-school teachers ever. We’ve been with them for two years now, and will be going back for one more year in the same classroom next year before she goes off to Kindergarten. I don’t knit for just anybody, but not only are these teachers great, but they both are the type that I trusted to appreciate handknits. Peggy got Lucy Neatby’s The Emperor’s New Scarf made with Casbah sock yarn.

Here’s a closeup. It was only semi-fiddly to knit, and the crochet finishing was easy and also semi-fiddly. But the results were cool. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I gifted this one without blocking it. I had the finished scarf in my bag when I went to pick Sophie up, and even though I had planned to give it to Peggy, I sort of spontaneously gave it to her that day because she’d had a rough couple of weeks and looked like she needed a happy surprise.

We’ve been doing a lot of gardening around here. I decided it was time to get back into growing my on veggies, and Joe agreed to help with building a raised bed. Here he is marking out the area to dig up. I did a lot of the digging too, and I’m proud to say that I was much more able to do heavy labor after all the working out I’ve done the last six months or so.

Oh, look – another pair of socks. These are from my own handspun, and are super soft. I really hope they last. ‘Cause they’re awesome. Also, you can see Daisy trying to take over the picture there again in the corner.

I’ve got a spindle spinning project going in the background – I wanted to have one going for the many hours hanging in the backyard I’m expecting through the summer. This will be sock yarn, probably navajo plied for stripes. I’m well into my second spindle’s worth now, but I’m not really in a rush to finish it – this one is mostly about the process.

There have already been many hours playing out in the yard this spring – some with the neighbor kids. Here they are playing tag after jumping off their bikes. Sophie says she’s going to marry the boy on the left when they grow up.

We saw our first game at the Twins’ new stadium…

Here’s Sophie’s refusing-to-be-in-the-picture-with-Julie-and-Daddy look.

Here’s a closeup of the scarf I knit with one skein of the pretty yarn I spun up…

Here’s Sophie looking incredibly cute on the one day ever she actually agreed to let me braid her hair. Most of the time she insists on walking around messy, and I’m mostly not willing to fight her on it.

Here’s Sophie’s other teacher, wearing the scarf I knit for her. It turned out beautifully, if I do say so, and when I was spinning the yarn it spoke to me and told me that it belonged on Teacher Marjeane. I’m pretty sure she likes it.

Julie’s class had a crazy-cute concert – she’s in the back row third from the right of the kids standing up. The songs were hilarious, and Julie sang her little heart out.

I made strawberry pie with a chocolate crust. It was really good – so good that I made another one a few weeks later. And now we’ve discovered another fruit that Joe can’t eat any more. He’s allergic to most fruits and nuts.

I’ve been eating a lot more salads lately, and in order to stay motivated to eat salads, I’ve had to get creative. One of my favorites is baby spinach with goat cheese crumbles, craisins and pumpkin seeds with a little balsamic vinaigrette. So yummy! And it’s actually super-easy to throw together if the ingredients are in the house.

Here’s the pile of dirt we ordered to go in the new garden. I took this picture on Mothers’ Day, which is when we moved load after load from the driveway to the garden spot. I chose to spend my Mothers’ Day this way, and again felt really great to be able to do the work painlessly.

Meanwhile, the girls have started garden journals that we’re going to try to keep going over the course of the summer. They spent some time drawing pictures of the veggie seedlings waiting to be planted.

Here’s the garden right after we started filling it in. It looks totally different now – must take more pictures because now it’s full of little green things.

This is really cool. The girls gave me hanging flower baskets to put by the front and back doors for Mothers’ Day. Within a week, a momma robin made a nest and laid her eggs in the one by the front door. There are actually four eggs now, and we are doing our best to stay away from the front and let her have some peace. Watching this evolve is totally fun!

That’s a pretty good slice of what we’ve been up to. A lot of the energy that I might have put into the blog otherwise has been going into gym time lately. I’m still swimming laps twice a week, and take a spinning class one other day a week, and now I’m trying to get a run in once or twice a week as well. Just last week, I reached a huge weight-loss goal – I’m down 20 pounds! I feel great. I mean, really really good. I’m on my way to where I want to be, and I feel like the results so far are getting truly tangible.  Call me crazy, but I’ve signed up for a two-mile swim around a local lake next month, and a sprint triathlon in August. I’ve got all kinds of motivation to keep working hard. The only down side is that I’m awfully tired at the end of the day, and sleep takes priority over playing on the computer. Sorry!

Alright, that’s it for this time around. I’ll be back. Sooner or later. Thanks for sticking around.