Look! I’m back for a second post in less than a week. This time, I’ve got a knitted FO to show off. There are actually many FOs in the can waiting to be shown off, this is just the most recent. I spent most of my summer dawdling along on a single sweater. There were some socks here and there, and a bunch of spinning-related work, but this was my main project of the summer. But let’s start at the beginning.

Back in January, I spotted Folded in my Friends stream on Ravelry and loved it. I have several t-shirts in my closet with gathering at the neckline similar to the style of this sweater, and find them flattering for my small-chested, poochy-belly body type (okay, much less poochy now than it used to be, but I’m still haunted by the memories and there is still plenty of pooch left to hide. I know. Body issues. Forgive me.) But anyway, I have a pretty good feeling that this sweater would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. I also liked the idea of a finer-gauge sweater that I might be more comfortable wearing more often than just the very cold winter days. Here’s a picture, just to keep you interested…

Back this spring, I was kind of at a low point in fiber-related inspiration. I was busy thinking about all that good life stuff that I mentioned in the last post. I needed an easy knit that I could carry along and stitch away at without much thought, and this was perfect for that. I dug through my stash and found a bag of Classic Elite Yarns Summer Sox. I’d gotten it on sale from Webs, thinking I might use it for a light weight sweater and sure that I could add the leftovers to another project that is in the works, which I will share with you at some date in the near future (hopefully!) To be perfectly honest, I actually have another bag of the same yarn in another colorway still untouched, and I’m kind of wondering what the heck I was thinking when I bought it. Another sweater? We’ll see.

I’m not sure exactly when I cast on for this thing. Some time in the early spring. My yarn and gauge were entirely different than the ones suggested in the pattern, but I’ve never let that stop me in the past. The shape is there, I just recalculated the numbers and cranked away. It came with me to many soccer games and practices – the sleeves were knit separately to the underarms, so that was convenient. Then, eventually, suddenly – it was done!

I did modify the neckline just a bit. The pattern is written in stockinettte right up to the bind-off, and I tried that but it rolled on me in a way that I did not like, so I ripped out the bind-off and reformed some stitches to make 2X2 ribbing to match the sleeve cuffs and hemline. I chose to re-form the stitches by dropping down and crochet-hooking them back up because there is short-row shaping right up to the last couple rows in the back, and I really did not want to have to do all that knitting back and forth business a second time. You’ll have to trust me it was easier this way.

I have to say I’m pretty happy with the finished sweater. The neckline is a little on the wide side, so I will have to think about whether I want to either a) ignore my bra straps peeping out on the sides or b) wear a t-shirt or wide-strap tank top underneath. Also, probably because my row gauge was completely different from the pattern and because I didn’t think that through as clearly as I might have, the waist shaping and sleeve increases are a little clunky. They are fine in the wearing – normal people will not notice this – but a knitter might raise an eyebrow if they looked closely.

Oh! It would be unfair of me not to mention a totally dummy move I made in the making of this thing. When I joined the arms in, I accidentally joined one on upside down so that the decreases were on the top of the sleeve. I did not notice this until I was about an inch away from finishing the yoke, at which time much cursing ensued. This is where deep experience as a knitter comes in to save the day. I simply left it till I was otherwise done with the sweater, snipped a single thread in a single stitch on the offending arm, unpicked the stitches all around while sliding the newly live stitches from each side of the hole onto needles. Then I rotated the arm around into the proper position and grafted the baby back on. You totally can’t tell it ever happened. I’m calling this project a win.

Many thanks to my friend and neighbor Laura, who takes much better pictures of me than anyone else I know, and will do it on short notice with good humor. Thanks, Laura! You rock!

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  1. TodayWendy says:

    That is one cute sweater! And you’re looking totally fabulous. I was so excited to see new posts from you in my reader, and so happy to read how well everything is going!

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