Blankie Update


Know what’s great about the blankie? My 5-year-old can barf all over it in the morning, and by dinnertime it is freshly laundered, dry amd folded. I have no qualms about putting garments knit from superwash sock yarn in the washer, and spread flat on a bed it dried in a few hours.

Sophie is much better now, just sad that she can’t go to swim team tonight.

3 Responses to “Blankie Update”

  1. Vibberden says:

    Ha ha, good to know :)

  2. Carole says:

    Love, love , love the blanket….i’m a long time crazy knitter….and your blanket is somewhat of a challenge; but I am pushing through. My son lives in St. Louis Park and I will be there for 2 weeks over Thanksgiving (I live in Florida)…any chance of my meeting you?????

  3. Lois says:

    I am on ravelry now looking at the shelly kang blanket and it says the pattern is free to download. I am just having trouble finding the directions. I am so excited to get it started. Would an email be ok? I live in Oregon and am an avid knitter like all the rest of us.

    god bless


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