Two Dreaded C Words



I discovered last year that I prefer to get the bulk of my Christmas shopping done in November. I would never have tried to accomplish this feat if it hadn’t been for the vacation that took over most of our December last year, but once done it felt pretty good and gave me plenty of time to tie up loose  ends and even knit a bonus gift or two.

Which explains why I’m scouring the internet and catalogs to find the best prices and most interesting things. Julie’s big gift was easy. She asked for a globe or a telescope. I found what seems to be a quality globe with interactive features at Costco for about what I’d seen them going for online, but without the shipping. As a bonus, one of my beloved neighbors says she bought one just like it for her sons and they are happy with it. As for the telescope, well a decent quality one would be pretty expensive, we live in a major metropolitan area with a lot of light pollution, and she is only eight. Also, I have very bad memories of a Christmas when I was about that age and got a telescope a my big gift, which was accidentally broken by a well-meaning uncle before I was even able to look through it. We’ll wait a year or two for that one.

Sophie is another story. I don’t think she really has a clear idea of what she truly wants, but she has a fascination with the Calico Critters brand of toys, and plays quite a bit with the very few she has. That’s the only thing she says she wants – more Calico Critters. For little plastic toys, they are awfully expensive, sold at the fancy toy stores where we occasionally shop for birthday party gifts and where I imagine rich grandparents go to indulge their grandchildren.

I’m going to buy some critters for my little critter, but the amount of money I have budgeted will buy only the most paltry of sets. I’d like to buy a house, but am going to be pushing it with the price of a camper. Anyone have girls who no longer play with their calico critters and are ready to sell them off?

Christmas. I’ll have to do a more detailed gifts post when I’m a little closer to done playing Santa’s elf.

On to the other C word…crochet…

Really, I bet you never expected to see that one around here. But the hooks seem to have snuck
into my craft room, and the inspiration into my  hands.

I’ve had this book of crochet motifs since it came out a year or two ago, and for reasons that escape me I picked up some very thin cotton crochet thread at the craft store not too long ago. This weekend I stole a few moments here and there to play with it. The goal is to possibly make some cuff bracelets that might serve as small holiday gifts of they turn out well…or just to have fun trying. I’m thinking its going to be the latter option.

Now back to knitting a pair of boring socks for my husband.

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  1. kelli says:

    You can get Calico Critters at Barnes & Noble. They’re running a 40% off coupon right now, and a 50% off coupon on Friday (online and in store). Hope that helps! My kids are into Legos and that is where I have been stocking up.

  2. Vibberden says:

    Ha, I played with Sylvanian Families when I was a kid, same-same :) It’s funny to see the same kind of toy 25+ years later :)

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