Ladies Who Lunch


Sometimes Sophie and I share a big salad for lunch. She loves hard boiled eggs, so I chop some up warm and toss them with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, a little balsamic vinaigrette and cheese crumbles…oh and sunflower seeds.

I used to pretend the salad was just for me, and feed her bites of the bits she likes off my fork, but these days there’s no need for subterfuge and we each attack the big bowl with our own fork. I’m cherishing these last months of lunching just the two of us while she’s in half day kindergarten.

(for the record, my other one won’t touch salad with a ten foot pole…but likes other veg just fine. You should hear her rave over kale soup.

2 Responses to “Ladies Who Lunch”

  1. Jenny Brown says:

    What a lovely healthy lunch for your little girl! Sounds delicious!

  2. dutch margreet says:

    How happy you must feel that both your girls have overcome their allergies. I remember the days you were struggling to give the girls healthy food without allergy attacks to follow them. Did you ever start a second Blankie or are you on the Beekeepers wagon as well? I nearly finished my blankie, loads of yarn still left (size 5.5 shoes leaves lots of yarn from 100 gram balls) and have started on the B.Q. I can choose in two years between warm and very warm, because the BQ is double and filled.

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