Slippers’ End




Almost the only hand knits that my darling husband truly appreciates are the felted clogs that have been famous in the knitting world for the last ten or fifteen years. I put the leather soles on them, and until this morning he was on his second pair, worn daily in the winters over the last ten years or so. That’s a petty good track record for any knit, in my opinion.

This morning I woke up to a steam of cursing and a temper tantrum worthy of the best…well I’d better not finish that sentence – he does read this sometimes. Fred had chewed a hole right through the heel of one. Time to go buy some Brown Sheep and knit a few new pairs for the whole family, I guess.

As punishment for leaving his slippers where the dog can get them and then trying to blame said  known-to-destroy dog for what happened next, I am publishing sad-face morning pictures for the world to see.


2 Responses to “Slippers’ End”

  1. Vibberden says:

    You live, you learn ;)

  2. Vibberten says:

    Was this “Blogs End”? :(

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