Twice in One Week?!?

hey, look at me, I’m back AGAIN!

Okay, so I have a story to tell you today, not about knitting. It’s about my kid and my mother-in-law and some other stuff.

I mentioned that my family is heavily into the Girl Scouts these days. It’s a little bit like a cult, only instead of brainwashing you to stop talking to your friends and family and drink heavily sugared, artificially colored drinks that come in little foil packets, they just teach you to be really nice to each other and try to make the world a better place. Oh, and sell a few cookies once a year.

Anyway, our local “service unit” hosts this event every year called International Tea. There’s not necessarily any actual tea involved, but the idea is that each troop picks a country, does a little research about it, especially about girls and women in the country, then sets up a display table about it for the other troops to hopefully learn a little something. To make it fun,  they also serve bites of some food (or drink, in which case tea *could* be involved) local to that country’s cuisine . They also have an option to perform some song or dance or skit related to that country at the end. And all this is background to the story.

This is my troop’s first year hosting a table – last year they were Kindergarteners, and we had never experienced an International Tea, so we attended as guests just to learn how it works. This year, I chose the easiest country I could think of – South Korea – because hello my entire family is from there. I’m going to wrangle my mother-in-law into helping make enough kim bahp for a crowd of 300! Weeeee!

Anyway, I knew there were some cute songs we could do, because I remembered my MIL teaching them to the girls when they were little. Never mind that Psy and Gangnam Style have taken over the planet (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then go search for it on YouTube, and you can be the 1,657,998th person to view it. It’s pretty awesome). I’ve got her coming to help teach a super-cute song to my Girl Scouts in a couple of weeks, but it’s kind of hard to learn a song in a foreign language, especially one that is not rooted in the same continent as the language you’re used to speaking. So I decided we’d get a head start at the meeting we had this week.

Which is more complicated than it sounds, because it meant that *I* had to actually learn the entire song and the motions that go along with it – not just the first three words and hum along to the rest like I’d normally do. I went and searched the Internet for some video and lyrics, and while there was some out there I had a vague memory of making video of MIL doing it with Sophie, and I thought maybe it would be at least as good or better than what I’d found already online. Digging through the photo section of my computer’s hard drive is like a little treasure hunt, and OMG it reminded me not just how much I love my daughter and how delectably cute she was at that age, but also why I really do love my MIL even though – well, she’s my MIL.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure. It’s a song about a bunny who hops away looking for chestnuts to collect. Don’t ask me why he’s collecting chestnuts, I had lunch with my Korean sister-in-law today and we couldn’t figure it out either.

Yeah, I’m not sure why Sophie was yelling and running around, but it was cute enough to melt my heart a bit. Anyway, the girls in my troop made a valiant effort to learn it last night and made me proud. I’m hoping we can do ourselves proud in front of the crowd at the International Tea.

And, just for a slightly more up-t0-date version of my girls – last February the Girl Scouts had a big 100th anniversary party at the Mall of America. It was a long, fun, stressful day and at the end of it, I took them my two out for burgers, fries and a giant hot fudge sundae. We were feeling pretty goofy, and they posed for this picture while we were waiting for our food. Ack, they’ve already grown up so much more since then!

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  1. Jaci says:

    So precious!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I loved the little video of Sophie singing San Toki!
    It is such a cute song and all Koreans know it. (I’m living in Seoul right now)

    Looking forward to more posts and photos.

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