All About the Blankie

Here’s a quick list of links to my blog posts which include the tutorial for my famous mitered-square sock yarn blankie.

Getting Started – how to knit your first square.

Joining the first row of squares together.

Thoughts on weaving in ends.

Applied I-cord border.

The wrap-up post with with more information about my blankie once it was done.

I believe all of the instructions I’ve written to be correct and fairly easy to understand. Lots of people have followed them without major issues, but if you have questions after reading through the tutorial, I’m usually around to respond at Be prepared that these directions are pretty chatty – they are incorporated in my blog, which is not just about knitting.

If you need a printable set of directions to pass along to a friend, I have written a set of directions for a Mitered Square Scarf using exactly the same techniques as the blankie. You may download it from Ravelry for $5.00 by clicking on this button:

Also, I’d like to note that I do get a lot of e-mails asking if I have any remaining scraps left over from my blanket to share or sell. Unfortunately, I do not. I’ve either used or given away most of what I received, and what remains is designated for a specific project. The people on the BlankieMania group at Ravelry have come up with lots of ways to supplement their supply of scraps, so I suggest you go check them out.

I do teach classes on this project – you may check the class schedules at The Yarnery in St. Paul, MN for current offerings, or ask your local fiber festival or yarn shop to bring me in for a one-day workshop.

Thanks for keeping this fun project alive!

Shelly Kang