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Further Adventures in Sourdough

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

So this morning I was cleaning out the refrigerator just a little bit – getting ready to throw out some nasty leftovers that had overstayed their welcome just a bit. And I glanced to the back of the fridge and noticed my little yeastie friends hangin’ out in the reused yogurt container in the corner.

You know, I’ve heard mention that sometimes people name their sourdough starters – they are, after all, living things. Living things that live for years and years – well, at least as a collective colony kind of thing. They’re kind of like a pet. My little pet fungi. Fanny. Fanny the fungi. I like how that sounds – cause, you know, their whole purpose in life is to break wind. Buwahahaha. I literally just made myself laugh out loud! Oh, the cheese.

So anyway, I figured that my little friends deserved a little attention. My friend Jean, who gave them to me, says I could ignore them for months and months back there in the fridge and they’d be just fine, but if I’m going to keep my little pets around, I may as well get to know them a little better. So I decided to go ahead and feed them and use some of the slime to make a little more bread.

But this isn’t just any old bread. We still have a chunk of the last loaf from the last batch I made – It saves really well in the freezer, and I just thawed it out yesterday when we were out of other bread. And I needed some awesome yummy treat to take to the parenting group in the morning because it’s my turn.

So I made cinnamon-raisin swirl bread. Kind of on-the-fly, and it turned out gooooood. With a crunchy crust and fluffy insides. mmmmm! But there was a little something missing.

Well, I fixed that right up. What was good is now amazingly yummy! And there are two loaves – one for tomorrow and one for the freezer.