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In Which We Are Very Pleased

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

When we came home from the State Fair on Sunday, we brought home some new little pets:

Julie saw these little guys in the butterfly house and wanted to bring them home. Actually, in the interest of full disclosure, I wanted them at least as much as she did. When we bought the little cage, there were two caterpillars in it. Then, yesterday morning, one of the caterpillars had attached itself to the side and over the course of the morning formed itself a pretty green chrysalis. The other caterpillar has been busy on and off since we got it eating up the milkweed leaves. The leaves are starting to dry, so today we were able to hear it making little crunching noises. Sort of like potato chips, only much smaller. We are very pleased, and I think we have already almost gotten our $6.50 worth of value from the little plastic cage – especially if you include the anticipation for what happens next.

This morning we spent some time with our friends J* and W*. Here the girls are playing piano with W*, who was singing the ABC song as he tunelessly pounded on the keys. It was adorable.

I’m really liking this new technique of holding the camera away from myself and taking a picture pointed back over their heads.

Oh, and when we came home the caterpillar was still eating, and our hidden friend had done a little decorating on its green pod…

There is now a gold metallic-looking ring around the chrysallis. I have no idea what’s up with that, but it is SO COOL! And we are very pleased.

Finally, the item which pleases us most this evening – an FO of the brightest variety.

Sophie was very pleased in her own little way, and seemed to enjoy modeling her new pants, turning around and raising her arms like a little toddler super-model.

The pants fit just as I hoped they would, with plenty of room in the back for her cloth diapers (she’s wearing a paper one in this photo since she was getting ready for bed, and I got tired of getting up at 3 a.m. to change wet cloth ones.) There are about four inches of extra length in the legs, and that was intentional as I’m hoping she’ll wear these for the next eight or so months.

They look great rolled up to her ankles, and there is enough looseness in the width that she shouldn’t have any trouble fitting them even if she fills out a bit in that direction – she’s on the thinnish side at the moment.

They even seemed comfortable enough as she crawled into the bathroom to say hello to Julie, who was “indisposed.”

A blocking shot:

The picot edge at the cuff:

The smooth edge at the waist band, and the seamless casing for the elastic, with which we are indeed quite pleased.